Brief History

To “Always Serve And Receive Customers Openly”

This is the key driving force behind our success and we have always ensured that this motto is embodied within our company. It is thus no wonder that our company name, ASARCO, was derived from this very acronym.

Asarco Pacific Pte Ltd has its roots dating back to 1989 when it first started out as an importer, wholesaler and exporter of raw materials for soap, cleaning and personal care industries in the region.  Complementing this success is the introduction of our in-house brands Joy and Courtesy Collection.

Spurred on by a steely determination to remain ahead of the competition, Asarco Pacific began expanding to other lines such as bed linens and towels over the years. This includes us being awarded the distributorships for major hot stamping producers based in the UK and Australia since 1993.

With a solid foundation cemented over more than 20 years of experience, Asarco Pacific Pte Ltd is dedicated to and more than well-equipped to consistently meet the expectations of our clients with cost-effective solutions.