Specialty Foils

~ Specialty Foils ~

Holographic Foils

These exciting holographic effects accentuate any stamped products or packaging and even paperback books. This is the perfect choice when adding a touch of class and distinction to your products.

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Foils for Timber / Medium Density Fibreboard

Specialty foils for timber products such as picture frames, trophies, furniture, kitchen cabinets, etc, are available in a range of patterns and colours including solid colours, woodgrains, marbles and special effects. Pattern and colour matching service is also available.

Washable Foils for Textiles and Apparel

For the textile and apparel industries, there is a range of washable hot stamp foils for garment care labels.

A range of fabrics for garment care labels is also available. These include white, pearl and black nylon, pearl and matt white non-woven polyester.

Cold Foil

This series of metallic foils requires no heated die. Requires application in conjunction with a free-radical cold foiling adhesive which is UV activated. Generally used on web fed machinery such as Gallus, Nilpeter, or any UV curing printing machine.

*The colour swatches as shown on this website are not an accurate representation of the actual product. It is meant to be used only as a basic visual guide. Please do contact us for samples and an accurate description of the foils at  enquiry@asarcopacific.sg