Bed Linen Hotel Supplies

At Asarco Pacific, we believe in providing quality bed linen to ensure the comfort of a good night’s sleep for your guests.

Look no further for all your hospitality bedding essentials to fit any budget, from Flat & Fitted Bedsheets, Duvet Covers, pillowcases to Blankets and Quilts.

We are also able to customise linens according to your specific requirements or labelling. Feel free to contact us for a quotation.



  • Fabric: 50/50 Poly Cotton,
    180 Threadcount, White Colour
  • Flat bedsheet: 50/50 PolyCotton, 180 Threadcount. Plain White
  • Fitted Bedsheet: 50/50 PolyCotton, 200 Threadcount. Plain White

Mattress Protectors

Key Features:
  • Fitted Design
  • with Elastic band at 4 corners
  • Washable to ensure hygiene


Types of pillows:
  • Synthetic Fibre Pillows
  • Microfibre Pillows
  • Customisable Weight & Size
  • Pillow Protectors

Pillow Cases

We customise pillow cases according to your specific requirements


Types of blankets:
  • Poly Fleece/ Acrylic Blanket
  • Cotton Thermal Blankets
  • Towel Blankets
  • Microfibre Blanket

Quilt / Duvet Insert

We customise quilts/ duvet according to your specific requirements

Quilt / Duvet Covers

We customise quilts/ duvet covers according to your specific requirements