Buying bath towels for your hotel, resort, gym facility, hospital or other institutions that use bath towels in their operations can be a challenging task. To find a bath towel that fits your premises and suitable for the visitors that use it requires assistance by a professional and experienced bath towel supplier in Singapore. You may also want to read 1 of our other articles – Bath Towels used by Hotels in Singapore.

For those that are not familiar with the supplies available within the region, there is a list of suppliers that source and distribute bath towels along with other bathroom and bedroom supplies for business use. Asarco Pacific however, is a highly reputable and one of the longest standing suppliers of bath towels and many other supplies to companies around the region and internationally. We are a top bath towel supplier in Singapore and here is why you should choose Asarco Pacific to supply your business.

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1. History and Experience

Asarco Pacific has been around for over 30 years and have been supplying internationally sourced supplies since the company started. During the earlier years, we started in imports and wholesale before we expanded to supply essentials for hotels, resorts, hospitals etc.

Having been around for so long, Asarco Pacific is always there to support and address your needs with whatever style, design, quality you would like. For over 15 years, we have been a partner to top hot-stamping brands in the UK and Australia. We are never shy of giving you options to choose from.

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2. Reliability

Over the decades of hard work and effort into building their brand, the top bath towel supplier has always been commended for the delivery of the supplies. Clients that have been with Asarco Pacific for a long time, this includes hotels even overseas in Maldives and Indonesia, always trust in the ability that they will deliver. When it comes to supplying in bulk, a lot of money is involved and therefore would expect the supplier to be trustworthy. Asarco Pacific has always been a company that is reliable when it comes to delivering supplies to satisfaction and surpass expectations.

3. Customer Service

Not only is the quality of bath towel supplies that Asarco Pacific supplies good, but we also provide premium customer service. Having been dealing with customers, clients, suppliers over so many years, we know what works and what doesn’t.

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You can expect when dealing with us professional service, extremely helpful in recommendations, system and strict procedures to ensure the quality of design and handling of your towel supplies is to your standard, follow up calls and emails to make sure the process from start to finish is well organised that you get your bath towels supplied as close to what you imagined when engaging for a sample from Asarco Pacific – top bath towel supplier in Singapore.

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