10Jun 2020

Buying bath towels for your hotel, resort, gym facility, hospital or other institutions that use bath towels in their operations can be a challenging task. To find a bath towel that fits your premises and suitable for the visitors that use it requires assistance by a professional and experienced bath towel supplier in Singapore. You […]

09Dec 2019

The hospitality industry has been booming all around the world. Most hotels are ranked on the basis of their services, quality, and standard. Among the variety of hotels, based on 4 and 5-star ranking, the service and amenities provided at the hotels play a vital role. From the top 5 star hotels to 4 and […]

01Nov 2019

Bath towels are one of the essential items in a household. Typically, if there is a choice of the most luxurious to the most basic, you wouldn’t hesitate in what you pick. The comfort you get from a warm bath to getting wrapped into your most comforting bath towel is sometimes all you need after […]